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Also check out the information portal, especially the FAQs about how to use CliqTags effectively.

The documentation is not fully in line with the latest user interface, but the function is the same.


Tutorial for first-time users

They contain the same screenshots and go through the same steps.

As a PDF document in Letter

As a PDF document in A4

As a presentation:

Page Types

Each site can contain a combination of these page types, in any order and any amount, up to the limit of your account.

See CliqTags - Page Types for a more thorough description of each page type, with examples.

CliqTags - Payment describes specifically that page type in detail.

Field Types

These apply to page type Survey, where each field has a type, a name and possible values.

Some older browsers might not support all field types. Unsupported field types will be shown as single-line text fields instead, so they are still useful.

Also note that numerical ranges can also be negative and are rounded to 5 significant decimals.



Values are entered after the name and a ":", like: "name: values". Values are comma-separated. Spaces are optional.

The other field types don't have any values, just a name.

You easily duplicate values via copy/paste.

CSV Files

You can download CSV files from Statistics and Responses via Download.

This is how you open them in Excel: